Maritime & Fisheries


Advise is provided on whatsoever scenarios arising out of the interpretation of the clauses of the contract. Our clients are guided on speed and performance disputes, deviation, off-hire cases and lack of payment of hire, freight, laytime and demurrage, unsafe ports, dangerous cargo, lien, arrest of the ship, and ICA (Inter-Club Agreement) clauses.

Bills of Lading

Advise is provided on the disputes arising out of the B/L, such as the quantity and quality of the cargo at both the port of loading and the port of discharge, cargo claims (shortage or loss of the cargo), UCP (Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits) 600, applicable rules.


Advise is provided on the ports industry in Spain, on the applicable Law, damage claims (cargo and property), pollution, commercial contracts.

Cargo and Logistics

Advise is provided on the applicable Law, the insurance and the liability to the international freight industry. 

Shipyard and contracts (new construction and repair of vessels)

Advise is provided on the disputes stemming from the delay in the delivery of the new build vessel, breach of contract and repair contracts.